Nothing delights Taylor Staff more than to host a visiting chef and his culinary team. Recently Chef Gabriel Horst and the staff of Seattle’s beloved Coastal Kitchen spent the day with National Brand Marketing Director Marco Pinchot touring Taylor’s farms and plant facilities.

Because a pristine environment is maintained at the processing plant, everyone on the tour has to don a hair (and beard) net as they watch Taylor’s staff shuck oysters fresh from Washington’s legendary inlets.

The day of the tour fresh mussels were also being brought in and carefully sorted with any broken shells being quickly discarded by Taylor’s eagle-eyed and swift handed staff. Because the environment matters, Taylor recycles all the water used in cleaning and sorting.

Next it’s off to the beach to visit Taylor’s floating mussel racks. But first, once again it’s safety first as a boat ride out to the racks means everyone needs to wear a life jacket.

Once at the floating mussel racks, Gordon King, Taylor’s ‘mussel master’ explain the life cycle of mussels from tiny baby ‘seeds’ to harvestable adult shellfish perfect for any chef’s kitchen.

It’s a Taylor tradition to end every tour with a feast of freshly shucked oysters right on the beach harvested fresh from the bay and toast the wonder of the Sea and the fantastic shellfish it provides to chef and diner. Come join us!