There is a renaissance of oyster interest occurring in America. And why not - they're one of the treasures of the culinary world.

America's interest in oysters reaches back to the colonial period but never has there been such a wealth of varieties available. As a result, it's easy for diners to get lost in the ever widening list of all the new oyster types available.

For the busy chef and staff trying to sort it all out for the inquiring diner, the search for answers can be frustrating and time consuming.

Thanks to Rowan Jacobsen and his outstanding book, THE GEOGRAPHY OF OYSTERS, the task of mastering oyster info just got a whole lot easier.

Inside the book are culinary backstories, regional overview maps, suggestions on matching wine and oysters, contact information about in-the-know producers and suppliers and much, much more.

In short, it's a must-have guide for all those who savor (or serve) that wonder of the tidelands - the ever intriguing oyster