There is no one like Xinh Dwelley.

Xinh first cooked in an enlisted men’s mess during the Vietnam War. Her spice-enhanced food soon prompted high ranking US Army officers to join the enlisted men’s mess because the food she created there was so outstanding.

In 1970 she came as a young wife and mother to America. Always looking for a new challenge, she was soon making and selling her eggrolls at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Olympia, Washington and learning to shuck and cook oysters.

In fact, her skill at oyster shucking increased to the point she entered the West Coast Oyster Shucking Championship and won…and then won again and again, a total of five times. Truly an amazing feat!

Her growing skill in shucking and preparing northwest shellfish soon brought her to the attention of Taylor Shellfish Farms. For many years she prepared meals for Taylor Management and the Company’s many visiting VIP chefs.

With the encouragement of Taylor Shellfish Farms, she opened her own restaurant in 1996 in Shelton, Washington. Ever since, Xinh’s Clam and Oyster House has been a must-stop for all seeking to savor some of America’s best bowls of oyster stew and steaming plates of curried mussels.

From a wartime mess cook to sharing secret recipes with culinary legends such as Julia Child, Xinh Dwelley is a true original, whose life story is both inspiring and creative.