When it comes to writing a new menu, the descriptive names listed can greatly affect the courses diners choose.

Experienced menu designers suggest that the most successful words choices should (1) suggest memorable flavor, (2) be full of contemporary meaning and (3) support an intriguing history.

Increasingly more and more chefs are listing the source name “Taylor” as part of their shellfish menu descriptions because, for over one hundred years, the Taylor family has actively embodied each of these three concepts.

Taylor Shellfish Farms and their over 500 dedicated employees work year round to insure that the product they supply to chefs is of the highest quality. Taylor’s dedication to producing premium shellfish captures both the flavor and freshness that are the hallmark of a memorable dining experience.

Taylor is a company that is deeply committed to the true meaning of sustainability. At their Shelton, Washington Plant, they recycle everything from the water used to the empty oyster shells. Chefs can be assured that Taylor carries that same commitment over to each of their products because all their shellfish are certified as sustainable by the Food Alliance.

Taylor Shellfish Farms is a family owned company with a unique history. After ranching in Arizona with Wyatt Earp in the late 1800’s and later seeking gold in Alaska, the family discovered their true treasure resting in the bays and inlets of the Northwest – world class oysters, clams, mussels and geoduck.

Taylor is proud to supply discerning chefs with these remarkable shellfish and honored to be credited by the Taylor name on their esteemed menus.