Nothing is cooler at Taylor Shellfish Farms than the nitrogen freezer in the company’s Single Oyster Processing Plant.

There sea-fresh shellfish take a seven minute trip in trays down the conveyor belt into the freezer’s chilling units, each registering a steady -80 degrees F!

Freezing 5b.jpg

Once inside, the oysters quickly freeze as their core temperature drop to -40 degree F. Their quick freeze journey insures that the oyster’s internal cell structure stays intact. As a result, when defrosted their texture is firm and savory.

In one last step to insure their quality and ease in shipping, each oyster is top-glazed with a coat of water that freezes as it exits the line.

Each tray of IQF oysters is then carefully packed and stored in Taylor’s large walk-in deep freeze unit, waiting for orders from select vendors and creative chefs, its quality and availability assured.