From coast to coast, America is blessed with legendary shellfish restaurants.

4 Thursday A Union Oyster House, 520 px.jpg

In Boston the Union Oyster House is the city’s oldest eating establishment. Since 1826, the Union Oyster House has served shellfish to nation’s movers and shakers from Daniel Webster to John K. Kennedy.

In New Orleans Antoine’s has delighted guests since 1840, making it America’s oldest continuously operated restaurant. Their French Creole shellfish dishes are legendary, including their famed Oysters Rockefeller, served with pride in all of their 14 stunning dining rooms.

In California the Swan Oyster Depot has served San Francisco outstanding shellfish since 1912, first from a horse-drawn carriage and then from its present iconic location. To this day lines form outside the restaurant each day as diners wait to enjoy the endless array of fresh shellfish just inside.