Taylor Shellfish Farms is able to supply chefs with high quality oysters year round because they control and direct the entire cycle of oyster production from their two state-of-the-art shellfish hatcheries to their Northwest aquaculture farms.

Each Taylor oyster begins life as a single certified healthy oyster seed safe and secure in the Family’s hatchery where they are carefully watched over.

Once established and developing, Taylor’s new baby oysters are moved to their own floating nurseries, safe from predators and harm, where they grow stronger and acclimate to their environment.

Only after the baby oysters have gone through selective grading and have reached just the right size are they then transferred directly to the Taylor Family’s inter-tidal shellfish farms, located in the North and South Puget Sound, Willapa Bay, Hood Canal and British Columbia.

After 1-3 years of monitored growth on the tidelands, Taylor oysters are carefully hand-harvested, cleaned, graded and quickly shipped live across the country and around the world to waiting chefs and select vendors.