No one can help but be impressed by the new designs for famed Chef Thomas Keller’s new French Laundry kitchen in Napa Valley. The architectural firm of Snehetta is directing the re-design which will expand the kitchen by 25 percent while the historic structure untouched. 

Chef Thomas Keller chose the Louvre Pyramid as an inspiration wanting to juxtapose the historic and the modern aspects of the restaurant while maintaining the high quality cuisine and service that guests have come to expect from The French Laundry. 

In addition to expanding the kitchen’s size by 25 percent, the renovation will make for more efficient use of space, creating one contiguous room for the entire culinary team with a visual connection from station to station. 

The renovation will also include additional support areas such as a new prep kitchen, butchery,  produce breakdown area and management offices, as well as storage for 14,000 bottles of world class wine! 

Front Door 1b.jpg

And while the final restaurant will surely be an architectural wonder, it is the skill of Chef Keller and his amazing staff that will continue the heritage of quality and innovation that has always defined The French Laundry.