Marco Pinchot, Director of Taylor Brand Marketing, is someone who deeply understands the importance of quality ingredients, something every chef seeks.

His years at Taylor have enabled him to track that same sought-after high level of quality through every for delivery.

Marco has led the effort to have all of Taylor Shellfish Farms’ product certified sustainable by the Food Alliance. He continues to engage with global sustainable seafood organization in order to insure that chefs receive the finest shellfish available.

As a result, he is ideally suited to assist chefs seeking information about quality shellfish. Additionally, Marco is proud to announce the launching the new Taylor Chefs Club website and related social media sites.

The purpose of the Taylor Chefs Club is to provide information and services uniquely designed to meet the needs of busy professional chefs from engaging backstories to vital delivery information.

Because Marco brings a wealth of talent and expertise to his daily work, he ready and waiting to assist chefs in all matters shellfish from tide to table.