Ever since the 1855 International Exposition in Paris, the French have used the word “terroir” to describe the combination of soil, topography, and climate from a “place” (region, vineyard, even vine row) where wine grapes grow. 

As a marketing term, terroir initially meant “Buy French”. Over time however the word was universally adopted by winemakers worldwide.

Seattle food expert Jon Rowley, among others, is credited with morphing the word “terroir” into the word “merroir”.  Merroir refers to the natural influence of tidal flows, sea beds, and aquatic culture that gives each oyster variety and each oyster farm area a unique flavor profile.

At Taylor Shellfish Farms merroir means much more. At Taylor It also means an outstanding staff deeply committed to quality and reliability while supporting sustainability, encouraging innovation and respecting the Family’s heritage and chefs’ culinary traditions.