Taylor Shellfish staff recently attended the inspiring Worlds of Flavor Conference directed by the Culinary Institution of America on their beautiful Greystone Campus in St Helena, California.

Launching  the attendees’ awareness of design was a remarkable preconference opportunity to attend a rare slide lecture by the internationally famed interior designer Takashi Sugimoto.

In a packed tiered amphitheater lecture room, Sugimoto summarized his legendary career in interior restaurant and hotel design in stunning slide after slide of his work.

The array of show-stopping slides captured the imagination of the many chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs present.  

His perceptive use of granite, wood and glass clearly crafted an atmosphere of place beyond the customary.

With an ease of placement that only a master of the medium could create, the total harmony of his designs was both intuitive and intentional.

In such a refined natural atmosphere, both the diner and the cuisine aree enhanced; mere dining becoming an inspired experience, returning both the ingredients and the individuals involved to their essential self. 

His pictorial tour de force was a truly amazing beginning to the equally stunning Worlds of Flavor conference that followed. Bravo to all the Culinary Institute of America staff for such an insightful and inspiring speaker choice.