by  Michael Anthony, Heston Blumenthal, Alexandre Bourdas, David Kinch, Virgilio Martinez,  Nobu Matsuhisa, Yoshihiro Murata, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Keiko Nagae, Regis Cursan, John Prescott Ph.D., Ole Mouritsen Ph.D., Thomas Keller, and Harold McGee

What happens when you gather fourteen prominent culinary influencers together and ask them to share their understanding of and experience with umami, a rapidly emerging food trend?

The result is an amazing book, UMAMI: THE FIFTH TASTE, seen recently at the CIA Greystone campus in the Spice Islands Marketplace during the Worlds of Flavor 2015 Conference.  

While one can easily be distracted by the store’s 3,000 square feet of gleaming cookware, creative culinary tools, glimmering stemware and must-have chef wear, it is the over 1,500 culinary book titles  that captured the attention of many of the chefs attending the Worlds of Flavor 2015.

Standing out among so many outstanding books (including The Culinary Institute of America's own renowned textbooks) is UMAMI: The FIFTH TASTE.

The book’s esteemed chef authors share how they discovered this fifth ‘taste’ and explain the ways it has impacted their world famous cuisine. 

Two of the contributing chef authors are Japanese, but the remaining chefs come from around the world inclusing the United States, Great Britain, France and Peru.   

Yet despite their diverse backgrounds and locations, the chefs all express an understanding and appreciation of umami and the unique ways it enables them to maximize the flavors of their culinary creations. 

Each of the chefs is featured in a colored section including a personal essay about umami with photos of the chef’s famous restaurant. Each chef section is followed by four recipes that showcase the chef’s umami enriched dishes that have led to Chef Keller’s Michelin rating. 

Also Included is a detailed chemical explanation of how umami actually functions as an ingredient enhancer and a historical overview of its traditional usage and modern day rediscovery. 

In short, a must-have book for the informed culinary creator.