Chefs in the know never purchase uncertified, undocumented shellfish – and for good reason.

Inexpensive shellfish sold quickly at the restaurant’s back door may seem a great buy to the novice cook. But in reality, it can be a very expensive and even deadly decision.

Untagged shellfish makes the product untrackable. Without a source tag, the exact origin of the shellfish can never be determined.

Each day state organizations from Alaska to California check the water condition in shellfish growing areas. When necessary, harvesting will be order stopped until algae levels drop.

Professional growers and wholesalers honor these alerts. Back-door- sellers often are not even aware of these alerts as they secretly harvest the shellfish in the dark of the night.

In Washington State, it is a felony to endanger the public health by selling oysters without a tracking tag. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife takes such activities very, very seriously. In fact, pouching and selling undocumented shellfish can result in jail time of both vendor and buyer.

As a serious member of Shellfish Industry, Taylor has long tagged their oysters, oysters that come from select tidelands that they own or lease directly, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safely to chefs from sea to shining sea.