The American Culinary Federation (ACF) was founded in 1929 in New York City when three competing culinary organizations merged: the Société Culinaire Philanthropique, the Vatel Club and the Chefs de Cuisine Association of America.

Prior to the formation of ACF those who prepared cuisine in America were divided into two groups: domestic home cooks and European trained chefs.

Uniform standards did not exist at the turn of the century with each chef and cook left isolated and singularly trained and focused.

The ACF has changed all that by being the organization that has promoted the professional image of American chefs through the education of culinarians at all levels for nearly a century now.

The ACF helped professional chefs and trained cooks to survive the loss of revenue during both Prohibition (no F&B bar revenue) and the Great Depression (few jobs) as well as the war time food restriction of WWII.

In 1976 the ACF forever altered the hospital industry by achieving a change in the way the U.S. Department of Labor listed culinarians. Prior to their efforts, executive chefs were listed under “domestic service’ in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Official Work Titles. Through the ACF’s efforts the listing has changed to “culinary professional.”

Since that momentous change, the culinary industry and ACF have grown together. Today, ACF is the largest professional chefs organization in North America. ACF has more than 17,500 members belonging to nearly 200 chapters in four regions across the United States.

ACF is a major culinary leader in offering educational resources, training, apprenticeships, educational program accreditation as well as one of the most comprehensive certification program for chefs in the United States.

The ACF is home to ACF Culinary Team USA, the official representative for the United States in major international culinary competitions.

Each year thousands chefs and culinarians along with supportive vendors gather at the ACF National Convention, held this year in Orlando, Florida.

Taylor Shellfish Farms is honored to be attending, hosting both an oyster bar at the opening reception and sponsoring a presentation on the subject of Umami. Hope to see you there!