Taylor Shellfish Farms loves nothing better than to tour professional chefs and their staff through their farms and production plant. Recently Chef/Owner Edouardo Jordan of Seattle’s Salare Restaurant honored Taylor with an on-site visit, along with his full staff.

Salare has created quite a stir in Seattle as Chef Jordan’s expertise and creativity has quickly generated a waiting list via word-of-mouth and rave reviews. From sea-fresh Pacific, Kumamoto, and Shigoku Oysters by Taylor to melt-in-your-mouth duck served with quinoa, shallots, liver mousse, Saturn peaches and collard greens, everything on the menu says Salare will be a trend setting restaurant.

Part of Chef Jordan’s core philosophy is an embrace of diverse culinary cultures while remaining a seasonal neighborhood restaurant. Central to that belief is the use of fresh regional ingredients like Taylor’s shellfish direct from their source.

That’s why Taylor delights in showing chefs like Edouardo Jordan how for over 125 years they have carefully farmed shellfish in the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest. During a culinary tour chef and staff all gear up in tall rubber boots and head down to Taylor’s beach oyster beds.

There Marco Pinchot, Director of Brand Marketing, willingly shares his expertise from successful shucking techniques to an astounding in-depth knowledge of shellfish genus and species. 

These popular tours reflect that today’s chef and vendor form a supportive team – a team that Taylor Shellfish Farms is proud to have with chefs such as Edouardo Jordan and his outstanding staff.