Pearl is a new app, launched by Sam Asher, that actively works with restaurants and oyster farmers to get all the details a diner needs to know before making reservations.

The geo-locational app provides listings for restaurants that include what kinds of oysters they’re serving that day, how other app users have rated those oysters, contact information, OpenTable bookings, and intel on oyster happy hour deals — all intel that comes directly from a restaurant itself, as all the restaurants manage their own Pearl pages.

These restaurants are located throughout the US and Canada, with a special focus on Boston, New York, and San Francisco in this first version of the app. But there are plenty of participants in LA and San Diego right now, Asher says, and Pearl is pushing to add more restaurants in DC and Chicago.

The diner can click on the oyster name on the restaurant menu and the app will whisk you to a profile of the oyster itself, which reveals that Taylor Oysters run about 2.5 inches with light brininess, full body, deep cup depth, and has a clean and sweet taste.

The app also lists all of the other listed restaurants serving that same oyster, an easy feat as Taylor is the largest producer of shellfish in North America.

  Leading chefs from coast to coast savor Taylor Shellfish Farms oysters

  Leading chefs from coast to coast savor Taylor Shellfish Farms oysters

Finally, once the diner has actually tried the oysters, they can rate and save their favorites within the app – all in all a very useful app.