From private chefs to mega size casinos the Hospitality Industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. Yet none are quite like the culinary world aboard today’s modern cruise ships.

To begin with, the quantity of ingredients required is massive. It is not unusual for a full service cruise to operate onboard food outlets ranging from casual pizza snack bars to elite white cloth French restaurants.

As a result, executive chefs often oversee 14 kitchens or more. Those kitchens serve over 15,000 meals daily using 34,000 lbs. of food!

With the nearest food vendor hundreds of miles away, extensive preplanning is a vital part of a cruise chef’s duties. Yet even that process is unique.

Each food vendor has to guarantee product availability and delivery a year in advance, regardless of circumstances. If they're a day late and miss the ship, they are required to fly their product at the next port – not an activity that a small company can afford.

Yet small quantities of fresh regional product do make it aboard when the ship docks in ports near unique agricultural areas. Favorite items include perishable fruits and vegetables.

With such an intense work load and involved duties one might wonder what draws culinary professionals to choose this segment of the Industry. Perhaps it’s the chance to travel the world for free, an ever changing guest list, fair pay, full benefits and work with a skill professional staff. Great Job!