Considering the 6.8 million daily conversations on the Internet about restaurants serving seafood, it’s more than clear that consumers love menus offering fish and shellfish. There are many reasons consumers select a restaurant, and it’s important for chefs to be aware how fish and shellfish can add to their bottom line.

Here are the four reasons, according to Foodable Labs, why consumers select a restaurant when they know seafood is on the menu:


Diners want good value. Poor quality fish and shellfish can leave a bad taste no matter the chefs skill level - probably not the best use of the restaurant’s food budget… not to mention, it’s safe to say that the guest who ordered it will not be coming back for more.   

(Taylor Shellfish Farms is the largest producer of farm-raised shellfish in North America and a premiere supplier of oysters, clams, mussels and geoducks to leading chefs from coast to coast).


Today as diners becoming more educated and knowledgeable about food sourcing, transparency is vital. With so much information available on the internet, the origin of a product can be researched in minutes. As a result, awareness of where a restaurant’s product comes from can either make or break a guest’s decision to make a reservation.

(Taylor Farms is a 125 year old family owned business, proud of their commitment to the Pacific Northwest and their many long term employees, who watch over Taylor’s 20 plus shellfish farms with pride).


When diners positively review a restaurant, their friends are more likely to actually go to that restaurant. When social media comments turn negative, the result is most often guests will decide to dine elsewhere.

(Taylor works to provide chefs with professional support ranging from historical backstories to in-depth farm tours. Such activities enable chefs to create a positive and informative atmosphere that supports positive reviews).


When a diner selects a restaurant for its fish and shellfish menu, they do not want to be told when ordering that their selection is not availability.

(Taylor's many years of experience, committed staff and widely located farms enables it to work with chefs year round, providing chefs with timely updates and seasonal availability, top quality and outstanding flavor choices).