There are always hundreds of amazing things to do in the Big Apple, but one no lover of innovative cuisine ever misses is a reservation at 275 Mulberry Street, one of the most original restaurants in New York City. The Chefs Club is a unique restaurant space famed for its creative cuisine prepared by a host of talented invitational chefs.

Since November 2014, this flagship restaurant sponsored by FOOD & WINE magazine has made its home in the Historic Puck Building. The stunning 120-seat restaurant was designed by celebrated architect David Rockwell who selected simple and organic materials with the goal of dissolving the boundaries between the chef and their guests.

As a result, the sole purpose of The Chefs Club is to bring together some of the best from American and from around the world to curate a selection of dishes that represent their unique culinary style, and present them to diners through a very select menu.

This allows individual chefs to invite the diners to experience through their presentation their favorite products, tastes and culture. With its amazing roster of visiting chefs, The Chefs Club invites diners to try dishes ranging from succulent shellfish to unforgettable desserts..

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The restaurant is truly a must visit spot for anyone with a taste for fine cuisine crafted from secret recipes.  The Chefs Club is, simply put, one of world’s most amazing culinary destinations, which allows the best new chefs to celebrate their huge talent and share their incredible food with so many delighted diners.