Each year as Halloween nears the stores fill with scary masks and costumes of demons and monsters. And while children plan their trick-or-treat route, adults today are faced with something truly frightening: global warming.

Yet among the many programs and projects designed to address this urgent concern, humanity has a small yet mighty ally – the oyster.

Oysters are some of the hardest working animals in the ocean. An adult oyster is capable of filtering 25-50 gallons of water a day – no electricity or energy draining pumps required!

But they don’t just filter water– oyster generated reefs that shelter millions of fish and crabs. With all that filtered water also comes more seagrass, which is a feeding and breeding ground for the many other species that everyone love to eat – like rockfish and blue crabs.

Because oysters take on the unique flavor of the water where they’re grown, they offer chefs a full range of delicate flavors. The ‘merrior’ or taste of East Coast oysters tend to be salty and briny while oysters from the West Coast tend to be sweeter.

From shoreline security to savory entrees oysters are an excellent choice for the insightful chef because these are the choices that can change the world.