Taylor Shellfish Farms is America's premiere supplier of quality oysters to leading chefs.



Crassostrea sikamea: Introduced to Washington from the Kumamoto prefecture in southern Japan in 1947. Small deep cup, sculptured, fluted shell, uniform size and shape with clean, sweet, nutty flavor.

Sweet and easy on palette, the Kumamoto is the perfect oysters for first time oyster diners and a favorite of oyster connoisseurs around the world.


Ostrea lurida: Native to the water of western North America. This tiny oyster, smaller than a fifty cent piece, has a large enough flavor to have been the favorite of 1870's gold miners as they celebrated their strike in California's infamous Barbary Coast bars.

Native to the west coast of North America, its sweet coppery flavor and a distinctive metallic finish that is best served cold and uncompromised, directly from the shell.

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Crassostrea gigas: Shigoku means “The Ultimate” in Japanese, and for good reason. This tide tumbled masterpiece may be the most popular oysters in the world.  The deep bottom shell of the Taylor Shigoku is created by the rise and fall of Northwest inlet tides as twice daily they tumble the Shigoku in float bags..  

The result is a firm and sweet meat tasting of lightly salted cucumbers and an umami finish - all nestled in its own deep shell bowl.


Crassostrea gigas: Named after the Ocean that is its home, the Taylor Pacific Oysters can be ordered in size ranging from the 2-3 inch extra smalls to the 5+ inch larges, all with nicely cupped shells with pronounced flutes. Its meat varies in color from white to chestnut with grey to bright black mantles.

Fresh, clean, briny-sweet flavor, Taylor Pacific Oysters are a favorite of Chefs everywhere.