Here's what top chefs and leading culinary professionals say about Taylor Shellfish Farms:

"Taylor Shellfish has provided us quality products consistently over 14 years.  I can assure chefs around the world they will be happy with their products and service." Chef Taichi KitamuraSushi Kappo Tamura


"Taylor Shellfish consistently delivers high quality product, an important trait considering oysters are best served raw. The Shigoku oysters are deliciously briny with notes of cucumber, and have a nice meaty texture. They are an extremely popular at our restaurant.

Other than just the pure flavor, I'm impressed with the care that they take in regards to maintaining quality. They tumble the Shigoku shells twice a day while growing, so their shells are smooth and strong... making them easy to shuck. They send all of their oysters (not just the Shigoku) in carefully packed boxes to ensure that the oysters are stored cup-side down during shipment… oysters tend to open when relaxed and this process helps them retain their nectar.

Their care with the production, and with maintaining impeccable quality is an important part of why we buy oysters from Taylor.” Executive Chef Wesley Hood, AQUA by El Guacho